How to protect yourself

Know how stay safe

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Its Now Time to chat about whats going on and how to watch for the signs !

As you all see now there are many many fakes out there

Now lets talk about how to protect yourself and know what to watch out for!

1. do not do deposits ! They collect info for scare tactics ! 

2. NO G/C s (Gift cards)

3.ALWAYS ask for a license !! If she can not provide one walk away ! 

4.if it looks too good to be true it is! [ price, pics, ad, description]

Cash is king! 
5.For your safety and everyone else's Do not do anything BB

Never send money before hand ever! if they wont take cash it's fake watch the signs.

if they are asking for GCs ITS FAKE!

if they are asking for emt (Email transfer) first and password or ANY deposit with in the city ITS FAKE!

if they can not provide a license ITS FAKE!


if you are not sure you can feel free to contact us and we can show you who is legal and safe to use there are 2 fully licensed agencies in Medicine hat and surrounding areas and a hand full of fully licensed independents.
Areas may differ
Edmonton License is REQUIRED
Medicine Hat License is REQUIRED
Agency license numbers
Medicine hat # LCB202033145
Edmonton # 442813488
Each Lady also has a personal license ALWAYS ask to see it!
Know the signs and stay safe any questions please ask our dispatch staff.


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